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Release Notes

MarketView ExcelTools 4.6

Major New Features

Support For Non-price Datasets
Support for non-price datasets
MarketView Excel Tools is now able to support datasets with fields that differ from the standard price fields (i.e. Open, High, Low, Close) in the History, Chart, Curve and Quote mode.
For that purpose the field selection logic has been modified and moved to a new area on the configuration menu.
Enverus has launched two new datasets (North American Gas Pipeline Flows and Oil & Gas Production Forecasts) recently that are now supported by MarketView Excel Tools.

Minor Features and Improvements

Configurable_Aggregation Methods
Configurable aggregation methods by field
Aggregation methods can now be defined specifically for every field. The controls for the aggregation has been moved from the Preferences menu to the main configuration menu.

Two New Chart Types
Two new chart types – Volume Bar Chart and Volume Candlestick
Two new chart types can be selected that display price data as bars or candlesticks together with the trading volume