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What is the cost of a lost opportunity? Whether trading standardized instruments or supporting complex structured transactions, MarketView’s solutions provide traders with market clarity.  MarketView helps traders visualize and transact on the market as it evolves in real-time with pre-built tools that simplify the building and sharing of complex analysis. No matter where they are or how they like to work, MarketView gives traders a competitive advantage with a market leading Excel add-in and mobile tool.

MarketView®Mobile for Traders

With energy and commodity markets constantly evolving, it is imperative to have connection to data wherever you are.  MarketView Mobile allows users to stay updated while away from their desk. Breaking news, real-time price quotes, news stories, historical charts, and tables are available on any iOS or Android device.

  • Quickly create custom bar, candlestick, mountain, or line charts — view tick, intra-day, daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • No refresh required - view streaming price quotes, news, charts and tables.
  • Scrolling and fixed news accessibility for up-to-date and breaking industry news while away from your desktop.
  • Access historical and proprietary data including tick, intraday, daily, monthly, weekly, and yearly data.

MarketView®Desktop™ for Traders

As a fully customizable provider of unparalleled access to energy, commodity, and exchange market data and news, MarketView Desktop is unique in its ability to integrate this information with internal proprietary data and downstream systems.
  • Easily create dynamic oil price charts, natural gas price charts, Brent crude oil charts, or grain charts with our accurate real-time and historical market data.
  • View spreadsheet style grid updates in real-time to display tick, intra-day, daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and seasonal time series data.
  • Explore futures contracts in a variety of ways, including other option analytic data such as real-time volatility or user-defined volatility.
  • Access real-time and customizable streaming news updates from the most trusted sources in energy and commodity trading.
  • Obtain advanced pricing capabilities to view your rows of symbols along with associated user-defined data fields that update on a real-time basis.

MarketView®ExcelTools for Traders

Spreadsheets continue to be an integral tool on every trading desk. This is why MarketView ExcelTools provides all the power and flexibility of the desktop, giving users full access to both real-time and historical market data and the freedom analyze and build models upon this dynamic data. Moreover, seamless integration with MarketView Desktop means charts, tables and curves can be pulled directly from the desktop into spreadsheets, saving time and reducing the risk of manual error.
  • Watch the term structure of the market while trading or tracking your positions in real-time for commodities and energy such as crude oil, natural gas, or corn.
  • Embed deep historical commodity data your spreadsheets with automated data filling methods, units and currency conversion.
  • Automatically format historical commodity data in an Excel table into a chart.
  • Easily view a single option strike or a range of options for an underlying futures contract.
  • Share proprietary data in real-time with colleagues and customers via cloud-based MarketView Xchange that uses an easy-to-use Excel interface.