With MarketView’s Data Integration Solutions, customers benefit from seamless data access. Obtaining internal and external data across an organization from a single source results in tremendous efficiency, consistency, and reduced risks. Powerful API solutions facilitate the access and integration of mission-critical market data to an organization’s important downstream applications. In addition, transparency around access and usage further reduces risk and alleviates regulatory pressures.

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Icon 1 - page Marketview Advanced Desktop Plug-in

Marketview Advanced Desktop Plug-in

Access millions of price and fundamental datapoints from hundreds of sources, including your own internal data directly into Python™.
The Python SDK allows Python™ statistical computing application users to query and analyze MarketView data directly within the Python™ interface.



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Web Service

MarketView’s Web Service provides easy access to spot, intra-day, and historical prices, news, and price corrections all delivered through Web Services factoring. This gives you access to MarketView’s comprehensive selection of real-time and historical data from your custom applications. Access data via XML, HTML, CSV, TSV, and JSON formats from custom applications using simple HTTP requests. Set parameters to get exact symbols, dates, and fields you need.

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Our flexible, LINQ-based .NET SDK supports both snapshot and streaming data allowing users to request batch downloads, track real-time prices or create a GUI leveraging any of the .NET languages.

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Data Extract

Data Extract is an automated data delivery service that provides a convenient and reliable delivery mechanism for a variety of data including exchange, broker, and benchmark pricing. Customers select the data they need, the format they need it in, and the time they want it delivered and Data Extract will do the rest. Data Extract can run post close or on an intra-day basis and delivers the data to you in a structured file format via FTP.

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Icon 5 - page MATLAB®


Integrate MarketView’s comprehensive real-time and historical data collection with the power of MATLAB to perform deep statistical analysis, create custom graphics, and run data simulations. MATLAB users can directly access any of the numerous commodity market data sources available in MarketView for analysis and manipulation, including client proprietary data. The combination of high-quality data in MarketView and the power of MATLAB provides a powerful and flexible platform for computational methods such as back-testing, Monte Carlo simulation, and risk management.

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The R SDK allows R statistical computing application users to query and analyze MarketView data directly within the R interface. R provides a wide variety of statistical (linear and nonlinear modelling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification, clustering) and graphical techniques, and is highly extensible.

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MarketScript is a robust scripting language that allows users to build complex formulas with minimal keystrokes. This easy-to-use language allows you to build infinite items ranging from simple spreads to custom formulas spanning over multiple lines of code. MarketScript also includes built-in templates that new users can learn from and create new formulas on the fly by rearranging symbols. Create formulas once and view them in any MarketView product or  copy them to a colleague’s ID so everyone can benefit from the formula you created.

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Java SDK is a Java library that lets client applications retrieve market data from the MarketView data servers and subscribe for real-time updates. API provides users with simple SQL-like queries to get data in synchronous (blocking) and asynchronous modes.

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Icon 9 - page Spotfire®


Access and combine all of your data in a single analysis to get a holistic view of your business with MarketView’s data adapter for TIBCO’s Spotfire®. This BI data visualization and analytics software delivers the most complete set of analytics unified on a single, centrally-managed platform. Blend MarketView’s comprehensive market data and news with other internal, external, structured, and unstructured data in real-time to quickly uncover insights for better decision-making. With MarketView and Spotfire’s BI software, users can easily interpret large volumes of data, identify new opportunities, and implement an effective strategy based on insights.

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Icon 10 - page VBA


Seamlessly retrieve quote and historical data with Visual Basic for Automation (VBA) language.  Manipulate data in numerous ways to receive it in any format you desire. Request data in days back or specify a date range to view in daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly intervals. Apply personal preferences of unit, currency conversion, and data filling while choosing from over 75+ fields. Support the use of macros so you can schedule the execution of your tasks at a specific time and create a desirable report.

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Icon 11 - page Wall Display

Wall Display

Equip your electronic wall displays with the trusted critical information and powerful decision support tools from MarketView. This solution provides a cost-­effective, yet powerful alternative for delivering real-time or delayed data, charts, news, and more into electronic wall displays to visually present market conditions on a trading floor directly from MarketView applications. This robust solution gives you the flexibility to design your own current market data presentation to be the reference point for community areas.