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Maintaining market data feeds is a high cost and low return activity for IT teams in an organization. With MarketView, IT managers gain full control of market data feeds without the high cost. Users can create customized workspaces, monitor data permissions, set password rules, and manage who is logged into MarketView in real-time. Prop Data Hub and MarketView Xchange give IT an easy means to connect to and access internal databases and spreadsheets.

Real-Time Proprietary Data Sharing with MarketView Xchange

  • Respond quickly to changing market conditions and greatly reduce proprietary data distribution efforts
  • Harness the power of real-time proprietary data sharing with colleagues and customers via cloud-based MarketView Xchange
  • Uses an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet interface
  • Eliminate manual updating and emailing of spreadsheets to distribution groups
  • Eliminate saving spreadsheets and data to a specific location for others to access
  • Create your own proprietary exchange and symbology for downstream consumption in all MarketView products

Cost Effective Enterprise-Wide Solutions

GlobalView has been able to help many companies consolidate applications, cut technology spend, and reduce extra spend on third-party data sets like Platts, Argus, and OPIS. Our largest customers that switched to MarketView from alternative vendors, were able to reduce their technology spend dramatically within the first year.
  • Consolidate real-time and end-of-day platforms into a single provider
  • Receive real-time reporting on end user data consumption as added intelligence for 3rd party data negotiations
  • Utilize our Enterprise Data Management tools for front, middle, and back office
  • Receive free software upgrades with no annual maintenance charges
  • Allow our Rapid Deployment Team to handle your entire conversion effort for a seamless implementation

Secure Proprietary Data Management for IT Managers

  • Keep a secure firewall between your proprietary data and traditional data sourced via the MarketView Cloud.
  • MarketView by Drillinginfo employees have no access to your proprietary data or information associated with that data.
  • Store, manage and distribute highly sensitive proprietary data from your own environment.
  • Leverage in parallel the benefits of MarketView’s SaaS-based architecture for commodity market information.
  • Easily bulk load your proprietary data into the MarketView Proprietary Data Hub via a robust Web Service API.
  • Create your own symbol names and underlying metadata associated with those symbols for things like expirations, currency, and unit of measure.
  • Leverage the web service API to create groups. One group can have many users and one user can belong to many groups.
  • Manage your proprietary data permissioning on a per-user and per-exchange basis without the assistance of the MarketView Support Team.
  • Uniquely permission user rights for publishing, viewing and editing of your proprietary data.