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Release Notes

MarketView ExcelTools 4.2


Time Zone Settings have been added to the preferences section. Users can now select UTC, local, or publisher time zone.

Aggregated Data Options provides the ability to set the closing price as “”last” or “Average” in addition to the existing option to set the high and low values as “Min/Max” or “Average.”

Inline Formulas in a Curve is now supported. As long as the user uses symbols root like “/GCL” they will be able to write formulas and display them in a forward curve.

Additional Option Chain Fields have been added to mirror all the fields that are available in the MarketView Desktop application.

Revamped Example Spreadsheets are now branded with MarketView logos and have a consistent theme throughout. Additional spreadsheets were also added to the library.

One Click Conversions for both unit and currency conversion. The apply button was removed that way when a user selects a new currency/unit it is automatically applied to all symbols.

ET Pro Included in Standard Setup VBA functionality is now available in the base package for no additional charge.

Sample VBA Requests have been added to the spreadsheet library. All the user has to do is open the spreadsheet, enter their credentials and click run to receive MarketView data via VBA request.

MarektScript Studio the latest and greatest MarketScript UI from Desktop has been added to ET replacing the old MarketScript Editor.

Spread and Strip Matrix has a new button making the 2 options more visible and providing one click access to the matrix of their choice.

Bug Fixes

• Monthly ISO data was showing the same value for the first data point in a series whether you selected peak or off peak data.