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Release Notes

MarketView ExcelTools 4.1


Matrix button added to the toolbar ribbon – giving users the functionality to now plot forward curves within Microsoft Excel.
Common Pricing added within the History GUI – giving users the ability to now remove entire rows of data whenever a price is missing for one symbol within a historical data pull due to public holidays or non-traded days.
UTC/Local time zone support now implemented – providing users with more flexibility and accuracy when looking at hourly data over DST change periods for intraday time series.
MarketView Xchange feature included within Excel Tools – this now allows users to manually put, change and update proprietary data into our servers in a robust manner all via our Excel Tools interface.
Missing Data now has an extra option added named Fill Forward Projected – this is to offer the same function as the ‘Use Previous’ option that was popular with users in older versions of the add-in.
Refresh Notification alert added to Static Data pulls – this provides users with confirmation that a refresh request has been completed on any Static Data pull.
Peak/Off-Peak period selection now available for ISO Data – previously users could only target the Peak/Off-Peak ranges via the intraday function, but now this is supported for all historical periods in Excel Tools, along with an ‘All’ and ‘Range’ option for the user to specify certain hours when analyzing ISO data.
MarketScript Wizard and Editor buttons now added into the toolbar – allowing users to easily create MarketScript formulas from scratch via the click of a button.
VBA Automation Documentation updated to reflect latest enhancements to ET PRO – have added a new VBA call that utilizes our Export function to manipulate the data.
Mapping from Next Gen MarketView for all fields available under Quote – an addition of over 20 extra fields now available in Excel Tools under Quote which were previously only present in MarketView.
Enhanced header options available from the preferences section – users can now display a symbol code along with the description in each column to help map with back-office systems.
New Example files added into this version – easily located under the Examples icon.
Extension of toolbar and Icons – add-in now has new imagery for each component and has been divided up into separate and relevant sections.

Bug Fixes

• Problem with data filling that was causing an error box to appear when opening a file saying that Excel Tools could not complete the desired request, now fixed.
• Issue with DST changes where certain hours were repeated looking at intraday hourly data, resolved with the changes made to the UTC/Local time zone support.
• Pop up error message when closing down Excel and monthly contract descriptions automatically updating after expiration dates now resolved and working.