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Release Notes

MarketView ExcelTools 4.0


Curve Icon added to the toolbar ribbon – giving users the functionality to now plot forward curves within Microsoft Excel.
Dynamic Field ability added to the History dialog – allowing users to now specify different field settings for various symbols all within a single data pull.
Smart Decimal Precision included now at a symbol level in the GUI – offers the ability to set different decimal places for individual symbols from one data pull.
Option Chain now more flexible – including extra underlier benchmark options and the ability to change the orientation for multiple queried symbols, keeping in line with our new MarketView 6.0 product.
Missing Data now has an extra option added of #N/A – this is to help eradicate spikes in any charts created off the back of the reference data – also renamed our existing missing data descriptions to be consistent with our MarketView 6.0 product.
Examples Icon added to the toolbar ribbon – this provides new and existing users with preloaded, formatted excel files upon install with data provided via the MarketView Excel add-in.
Intraday Date Range selection now available – previously could only target the last amount of intraday bars, gives more depth to a historical search on intraday values, as a user can now target a specific date range, helpful when analyzing Power prices.
Path to symbol browser now present for each selected instrument – allows users to easily trace and pinpoint the symbol tree folder location for any selected instrument or symbol within a data pull.
MarketView RTD Tutorial help file included on install – this will provide each user with an easy reference guide to learning the RTD syntax needed to query our servers.
VBA Automation Documentation updated to reflect enhancements in ET PRO – have added a new html help file extension with updated features available via ET PRO such as MarketScript related functions and built-in VBA macros such as OnTime.
Added field types to the Quote dialog – ‘Security Type’, ‘Exchange Code’ and ‘Exchange Id’ all now included, staying consistent in line with MarketView 6.0.
New toolbar and Icons – add-in now located under own tab as opposed to Data tab.

Bug Fixes

• Keep existing formatting flaw with custom date range, acted inconsistently previously with short date format, this is now fixed for different regional setting.
• Issue with ascending and descending date format causing certain saved files to corrupt and not refresh properly, now fixed and working accordingly.