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Release Notes

MarketView Desktop 6.9

Major New Features


• Elliott Wave Study

• Custom Captions for Symbols and Studies
    Enter custom caption and toggle price field visibility directly in the chart.

• Date/Time for Min and Max Statistics Values
    Statistics now show the date and time for found minimum and maximum values.

• Reworked News Window Preferences
    Configure colors with preview and choose whether to colorize headings list.

• Improved News Source Selection
    Move selection and toggle news sources without leaving the search box.

Additional Features and Improvements

• General performance and memory usage improvements.
• Symbol Browser:
• Expanded management capabilities for Formulas and Local symbols.
• Search results can be navigated and selected without leaving the search box.
• Flexible Symbol Entry:
• Now highlighting matched part of search results.
• Better sorting of MarketScript search results.
• Improved handling of roots and symbol chain interpretation.
• Unit and currency conversion features in Quote panel:
▪ Now using unified UI for selecting conversions (like Chart and History).
▪ Conversion can be applied directly from the grid via context menu.
▪ Conversion can be applied on a selection of symbols in the grid.
▪ More natural sorting for MarketScript formulas and folders.


▪ Fixed issues with color optimizations when printing up-down colored plots.
▪ Fixed issue in Browser control hosting that caused browser to not be shown in some rare cases.
▪ Fixed focus behavior in Single Quote panel that sometimes caused conversions menu to not work.
▪ Fixed frequent crash that was occurring when subscribed to some News sources.