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Release Notes

MarketView Desktop 6.8

Major New Features


• Single Quote Window

• Chart Annotation Improvements
    Improved property editing and added new annotations.

• Chart Templates (1)
    Chart layout can be saved as a named template…

• Chart Templates (2)
    Chart templates can be edited on load.

• News Keyword Highlighting
    Matched keywords in article body are now highlighted.

• News Clipboard Support
    Articles can now be copied to clipboard in several pre-defined formats.

• Quote Column Selector
    Improved column selector with categories and “drag & drop” functionality.

• Export to Mobile
    Supported window types can be exported as a mobile page.

• Improved Window Management
    Windows can now snap to each other on move or resize (hold Shift).

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Minor Features

• Performance improvements for studies.
• Improved workspace load performance.
• Reduced memory use in some cases.
• New windows will now appear as tabs in top-most maximized window.
• Added window arrangement shortcuts.
• User-defined labels for history symbols.
• Faster symbol resolution.
• Limited maximum memory usage for browser window.
• Seasonal daily now uses interpolation to fill weekends.
• Removed empty Release Notes window when there are no matching upgrade notes.


• Fixed indefinite news load status if one (or more) of requested sources is empty.
• Fixed initial Symbol Tree view in Chart edit dialog when there are UDFs inside Custom Curve definition.
• Fixed crash when opening stand-alone window during application shutdown.
• Fixed crash that could happen when replacing symbol in Chart edit dialog.
• Fixed seasonal time scale in Chart panel to hide year.
• Fixed crash when creating a new linked panel from a previously disconnected source panel.
• Fixed occasional crash when selection in the source panel was made right after the panel got disconnected.
• Fixed crash that occurs intermittently in Chart.
• Fixed crash when trying to update required arguments on formulas that don’t have any.
• Fixed crash when trying to calculate column widths for a field whose data type isn’t Price or Quantity (e.g. PriceSymbol).
• Fixed crash when trying to determine rows belonging to a specific expiration.
• Fixed rare crash in Chart header status animation.
• Fixed crash that could occur during lengthy save operations on UDFs.
• Fixed seasonal date picker which was incorrectly handling 13 month items.