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Release Notes

MarketView Desktop 6.7

Major New Features


• Improved Home Tab.
    Fully keyboard-capable Home tab with better dynamic layout.

• Automatic Statistics Annotations
    Min/Max/Mean values for a Chart plot can now be shown as automatic line annotations.

• Chat Message Filtering
    Messages in a chat room can now be filtered on-the-fly.

• News Article Filtering
    List of news articles can now be filtered on-the-fly by keywords in header text.

• Multi-linking
    Multiple Quote windows can now be linked to a shared target window.

• Workspace Save Behavior
    Different behaviors for how workspaces get saved are now supported.


• News layout now saves correctly.
• Option expiration group checkboxes now function properly.
• Limited length of displayed custom curve symbol name.
• History table headers will now appear as single-line by default.
• More reliable PDF news article download in some cases.
• Various stability and performance improvements.