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Release Notes

MarketView Desktop 6.5

Major New Features

• Historical data can now be filtered to show a set number of latest records.

• Block trades are now available as a separate aggregation type for historical data.

• Added “Fields Average” study for calculating average of displayed years in Seasonal view (Chart and History).

• Statistics are now calculated for each displayed year in Seasonal view (Chart and History).

• Different line weight and style cen now be set for each year in a Seasonal view.

• Symbol headers in Chart window now show applied conversions in description mode.

• Inline formula in Quote window can now be directly saved as a “User Defined Formula”

• Formula (or whole folder) can now be exported or imported from file in MarketScript™ Studio.

• Allowed smaller row height for news headers in headers-only view for more information density.

Minor Features Improvements in 6.5

• Improved Forward Curve roots tree.
• Complete support for proprietary data hub connectivity.
• Workspaces now correctly transfer between systems with different DPI setting.
• Better behavior for “docked” Print Jobs dialog when loading from saved workspace.
• Changing study parameters now gets saved as an undo step.
• Selection drag & drop is now supported from History table (i.e. to Excel).
• User set date range now persists between aggregation type changes for historical data.
• Improved “bring-to-front” functionality in Chart window.
• Oil montage now shows exchange-traded spreads instead of computed spreads.
• Added Settle Update Time/Date field to the Quote window.
• Stability improvements for externally hosted Web Browser component.