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Release Notes

MarketView Desktop 6.4

Major New Features


• Improved mouse tracking in Chart window now supports mouse-over mode, price indicators at mouse position and moveable price info panel.


• Printing is now supported from a Chart window, including Seasonal and Curve windows.


• Selectable default plot style in Chart window.


• Copy a History window to ExcelTools, the selection can be copied to Excel as “live” data if ExcelTools is installed.


• Improved header for symbols or inline formulas in Chart. Now clicking on a symbol portion of Chart header toggles between symbol name and description.


• New Market Profile window.


•New MarketScript studio replaces old UDF editor with a simpler and more streamlined approach.


• Drag to ExcelTools from Quote window, selection can be copied or dragged to Excel as “live” data if ExcelTools is installed.


• Slimmed down Tabs chrome.


• Time zone mismatch warning. Chart and History windows now show a warning if they contain symbols from different time zones in intraday aggregation.

Additional Improvements

• Can now close tabs with Ctrl+F4 or Ctrl+W, and close whole window when no more tabs remain.
• Faster workspace load and page switching due to deferred initialization of individual windows.


• Fix for workspace corruption when password changes during MarketView session.
• Publisher time zones are now working properly, including for ISO symbols.
• Fix for external browser process communication thread leak.
• Preventing message boxes from being shown from browser control.
• Fixed case in News window where browser or PDF viewer were loaded even if article pane isn’t visible.
• PDF downloader for News will attempt to download multiple times if 404 error is returned.