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MarketView Desktop 6.26

Changes in version 6.26


Single Sign-On
In this version we finalized the necessary changes to get the MarketView product suite ready for Single Sign-On. When Single Sign-On is activated, you will be able to log into MarketView with the same credentials that you use to log into your computer and you won’t need to maintain and remember separate login credentials for MarketView. You will also be able to use the other Enverus products CurveBuilder and DataManager and our Sphere portal with Single Sign-On.

MarketView Browser Upgrade
MarketView Browser Upgrade
We upgraded the MarketView browser to use Microsoft Edge WebView. This will allow to display more modern and complex websites that were not accessible with our old browser module.

Show Data Provider Options
Show Data Provider Options
The Data Provider picklist will now only show data providers that are permissioned for the user. If the checkbox “Show items I’m not permissioned for” is selected then all available data providers will be shown in the picklist.

Bug fixes

General: We deactivated support for the TLS protocols 1.0 and 1.1.
General: If the “Save Behavior” for saving workspaces was set to “Prompt”, the workspace was still saved automatically. This affected MarketView Desktop 6.25.1 only.
General: If multiple symbols were selected from the symbol tree in the Edit window and were then selected with the “>>” button, then the order of the symbols would be incorrect.
History: MarketView was crashing if the granularity in the History window was set to very small values (e.g. 5 min or Ticks) and if a large data range was specified.
History: If data from the History table was copied from MarketView Desktop to Excel, then the headers of the table were not properly pasted to Excel. This affected MarketView Desktop 6.25 only.
News: The news article window was freezing for certain news sources.
News: PDF news articles were showing a 401 error when being opened. This affected MarketView Desktop 6.25 only.