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Release Notes

MarketView Desktop 6.25

Additional changes in version 6.25.1

General: If MarketView was opened and the “Release Notes” popup window was left displayed for more than 3 minutes, then the system would auto-save a blank workspace and erase all its previous window configuration.
General: The impersonation feature was not allowing to use usernames that included a non-standard character like . or @
Chart/ History: All values for the field “Open” were displayed as zero if weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly aggregation was selected. This caused display issues for candle charts.

Changes in version 6.25

Single Sign-On
Single Sign-On
For this version we already added the necessary changes that will get the MarketView product suite ready for Single Sign-On.
When Single Sign-On is activated, you will be able to log into MarketView with the same credentials that you use to log into your computer and you won’t need to maintain and remember separate login credentials for MarketView.
Once that feature is officially introduced, we will reach out to you again with detailed instructions on how to enable Single Sign-On for MarketView.

Smaller changes and improvements

General: If the MarketView Desktop session is disconnected when the same ID is used to log into any MarketView application on a different device, then re-connecting the MarketView Desktop session will no longer require to fully close and restart MarketView.

Bug fixes

General: MarketView Datahub symbols were corrupted and split into two when being pasted into the “Enter Symbol name” box in the Edit window.
General: A too long error message in the impersonation window prevented users from closing that window.
General: MarketView was crashing if a CurveBuilder symbol included a field that had an un-supported format.
General: The release notes were displayed even if an incorrect username or password was entered.
News: An error message was shown if a PDF news article was opened.
News: MarketView was crashing if new items were added to the Fixed News screen.
Options: Option underlier data was missing from the option panel for versions 6.21+.
Quote: It was possible to open the field selection menu even when no symbols were selected yet.
Quote: Default sorting of futures that belong to the same root symbol was incorrect if all those futures have the same expiration date.
Quote: MarketView was crashing under certain conditions when copy/pasting symbols into the Quote window.
Chart: In certain situations, the axis label was showing more decimals than configured.