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MarketView Desktop 6.20

Changes in version 6.20

Search Usability Improvements

Data Provider Filter
The new “Data Provider” filter allows to filter out all symbols that are not from a specific data provider.

Data Provider Results
If the data provider is set, the exchange code filter will only show the exchange codes for that data provider.

Data Provider and Search
The new data provider filter also affects the symbol search. If the filter is set, the symbol search will only search symbols for the selected data provider(s).
The same logic is already in place for the existing filters “Symbol Types” and “Exchanges”.

Setting any of the filters will now hide all folders that do not contain any applicable symbols based on the filter settings.

Folder Search
A new folder search function will only show the folders that contain the entered search phrase.

Limit Search to Folder - step 1
A new “Limit Search to Folder” function only searches in folders that are highlighted.

Limit Search to Folder - step 1


Fixes and Minor Changes

Edit Window / Symbol Tree: The “Pinned Folder” functionality was not working and did not open the folder when the user clicked on a pinned folder.
Edit Window: The phrase “Deselect All” in the filter drop down lists was not displayed if all values were selected and the drop down list was re-opened.
Edit Window: The application was occasionally crashing if the user searched for a User Defined Formula (UDF) and if the Edit window was closed before closing the search results list.
History panel: The application was crashing if “Curve” was selected as the interval, a non-numerical field (e.g. “Source”) was selected and if then a “Ratio” or “Differential” spread was added.