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Release Notes

MarketView Desktop 6.2

Major New Features

• Added differential and ratio studies mvdesktop62-02
• Added crack and crush spreads • Integrated PDF Viewer (no longer relying on Adobe Acrobat Reader) mvdesktop62-03
• Printing for Scrolling News (text/PDF/web) • Printing for Fixed News (all or single article) mvdesktop62-04
• Added Fibonacci Projection Annotation

Minor Features and Improvements

• Denser time scale in Chart/Seasonal panel • Print content is now being prepared on a separate thread (not blocking UI thread) • Drag and drop of studies between charts and history • Changed price format for studies to be the same as input symbol’s for overlays, and two decimals for all studies that go to different scale • Symbol browser in History panel now displays only roots when Curve aggregation is selected • Fixed News articles are now highlight on mouse over to indicate interactivity • Added ability to ‘pop-out’ a single news article from Fixed News • Better scrolling behavior in Fixed News window when showing articles for specific date mvdesktop62-05
• Reduced fractions for presenting fractional prices • Fractions now hide when numerator is zero or the whole part hides when zero • Minor improvements to CPU usage while loading or disconnected state indicators are ‘pulsing’ • Time needed to display all curve roots in symbol browser dramatically reduced


• Fix for performance issues with News windows when loaded with ‘Auto’ header area size • Fixed bug in History and News panels where copying data to clipboard would cause issues • Fixed bug in Fixed News when user wasn’t able to re-add a page from drop-down search results • Fixed copy to clipboard behavior in Fixed News • Fixed bug in Fixed News page data when reading date during synchronization • Fix for deserialization of chart bar width to load invariant culture format (fixes strange behavior when workspace is loaded in different culture settings) • News source and page search in Fixed News window toolbar is no longer case sensitive • Aligned news article text to top rather than middle in Scrolling News