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MarketView Desktop 6.17

Changes in version 6.17

Major New Features

CurveBuilder Favorites Feature 1
Curve Builder Favorites (1 of 4)
MarketView Desktop now has the ability to select symbols from the symbol tree and add them to a user-specific favorites list for our Curve Builder product.

CurveBuilder Favorites Feature 2
Curve Builder Favorites (2 of 4)
One can also send selected symbols directly to “Curve Builder Favorites” from anywhere in the application.

CurveBuilder Favorites Feature 3
Curve Builder Favorites (3 of 4)
After logging into Curve Builder, you will see the selected symbols and can use them for the curve building process.

CurveBuilder Favorites Feature 4
Curve Builder Favorites (4 of 4)
A direct link to launch Curve Builder in your default Browser was added to the Curve menu.

Quantity Formatting
Quantity Formatting
New quantity formatting options were added for the History, Chart and Frequency Distribution windows. You can now configure thousand separators and suffixes for the display of symbols that include large values.


Minor Features and Improvements

Table view Has Moved
Table view Has Moved
The Table view that is used to display custom curves (generated with Curve Builder) has been moved to the Curve menu item.

Tweaked “Show Last”
Tweaked “Show Last”
Smaller adjustments have been made to the “Show Last” functionality in the Curve window. If “Show Last” is active, only one field can be displayed at a time.

Table view Has Moved
Quote Sort Undo
An Undo option was added to the sorting functionality in the Quotes window. When sorting is turned on, one can navigate “Back” to restore the previous state.

Frequency Distribution Edit
Frequency Distribution Edit
An Edit dialog was added to the Frequency Distribution window.


• Fixed an issue that could cause Continuation Chart to crash.
• Fixed an issue that could cause Quote panel to crash.