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Release Notes

MarketView Desktop 6.14

Additional changes in version 6.14.1

Frequency Distribution Chart (Further Improvements):
•   Ability to specify either the desired segment range or the desired number of segments.
•   Choice of multiple, user-selectable, auto-fit behaviors.
•   Ability to define either the date range or the number of records to be included.
•   Option to auto-arrange segments when a new symbol is inserted.

Minor Features and Improvements

Symbol Search
•   Fixed issue with multi-word searches in multiple windows.
•   Search in Curve window will only display roots.
•   Search in History window when Curve aggregation is selected will only display roots.

•   Fixed issue with incorrect ordering of strike prices.

•   Fixed an issue with missing date fields if a list of headlines was copied in a news window.

Changes in version 6.14

Major New Features

Multi-MDI Workspace
We Are Now Enverus Trading & Risk
Creating the future of energy together.

Continuation Chart
Frequency Distribution Chart
New type of Chart that displays statistical frequency distribution for market data.

Minor Features and Improvements

•   Improved resiliency in communications layer.
•   Fixed handling of multi-word queries when searching for root symbols.
•   Charting: Improved behavior for loading status indicator in Charts.
•   Charting: Field order for studies on seasonal aggregations was inverted in menus and lists.
•   Charting: Fixed Bring-to-front for Seasonal Spread plots.
•   Charting: Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when symbol was sent from Chart panel to a Curve panel.
•   Symbol Tree: Fixed logic for delayed loading of sub-branches in MarketScript™ symbol tree.
•   Symbol Tree: Removed context menu actions for nodes in Symbol Tree in cases where they are not available.
•   Data Fill: Fixed issue with default Data Fill where it overrode filling that was explicitly set on a symbol.
•   Data Fill: Fixed an issue with Data Fill where „apply-to-all“ step wasn’t saved to workspace.