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Release Notes

MarketView Desktop 6.13

Major New Features

Multi-MDI Workspace
Multiple Workspace Windows
Multi-monitor setups can now be better utilized with additional workspace windows.

Continuation Chart
Continuation Charts
New mode in Chart allows display of a Daily plot that is continued with a Forward Curve at a specified date.

Linked Curves
Linked Forward Curves
Forward Curves can now be linked to a plot for the Root Symbol at a specified date.

Chart Reset Button
Chart can now be quickly reset to default zoom and position.

Configurable Columns in History Panel
Columns widths can now be manipulated in horizontal view of the History Panel.

Minor Features and Improvements

•   Added “Source” and “Product” columns to Quote price grid.
•   Added “Save as MarketScript™” option to Single Quote showing an inline formula.
•   Added option to hide symbol name from History grid header.
•   Improved display of “Last Update Time” field in Curve panel.
•   Selected date ranges are now remembered per-aggregation in History and Chart panels.
•   Enabled dragging Symbol column to sort area in Quote panel’s column selection dialog.
•   Seasonal Spread configuration dialog now checks symbol validity before proceeding.
•   Edit dialog for Scrolling News panel now has loading indicator with error message display.
•   Better description for in inline formula quote if it has unit or currency conversion applied.
•   Better display of news article date if not published on current day.
•   Improved security when storing and handling user’s credentials.
•   Included support for per-user server “Environment”.
•   Quote and History use new subscription format for unit and currency conversions.
•   Spreads now support unit and currency conversions.


•   Correct price formatting when displaying test results in MarketScript™ Studio.
•   “Last Update Time” field in Curve panel now respects global Time Zone setting.
•   No longer resetting main window size or position if user has moved it during Workspace load.
•   Now preventing symbol search requests for incomplete patterns that result in exceedingly large results.
•   Fixed positioning of custom caption input field in History grid (when using high-DPI scaling).
•   Fixed the case when a stand-alone window with hidden Title-Bar is maximized and cannot be restored.
•   Fixed crash that occurred when attempting to navigate in-place to a different News article.
•   Fixed issue where non-ASCII characters in a custom Tab caption weren’t saved correctly.
•   Fixed issue where appropriate price formatting was not applied to the value axis in Chart.
•   Fixed problem where Data Info frame in Chart panel was not working correctly for records-back filtering.
•   Fixed the issue where “Show all available fields” setting was inadvertently cleared when tracking mode was changed via context menu in Chart panel.
•   Fix for scrolling issue in Fixed News panel when article is larger than the viewport.
•   Now using Roots symbol tree for multi-input study dialog when current aggregation is Forward Curve.
•   Fixed repeated year fields in Data Info frame on a Chart panel when in Seasonal aggregation mode.
•   Fixed some edge cases where “snapped” windows didn’t restore properly from saved Workspace.
•   Fixed problem where columns in History grid would shrink when changing formatting overrides.
•   Fixed issue with loading some PDFs from Platts.
•   Fixed issue where studies weren’t updating in History panel when using records-back filtering.
•   Fixed subscription for inline formulas when unit and/or currency conversion is applied.
•   Fixed logic for cycling connection attempts to multiple available Avalanche servers.
•   Fixed crash when selecting Open Interest field for Correlation study.
•   Fixed crash that occurs when changing aggregation type on a Chart that contains “Fields Average” study.
•   General improvements and stability fixes for Seasonal Spread time series.
•   Fixed case where Alerts could get disabled during session.
•   Prevented unreasonable parameter values for some Studies that could lead to memory issues.
•   Fixed possible crash when copying entire History table to Clipboard in Excel format.
•   Fixed issue where Study would not refresh correctly after one of the inputs is modified.
•   Various crash fixes when working with edge cases of symbol and market data.