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Release Notes

MarketView Desktop 6.11

Major New Features


• Seasonal Spreads View
    New view for seasonal inter- and intra-commodity spreads.

• Symbol Browser Filtering
    Filtering of symbol tree and search results by type and source.

• Extended ISO Options
    Expanded selection of ISO blocks and time span filtering.

Fixes and Improvements

▪ Improved logic for optimized load of Intraday and Tick time series data.
▪ Made check-boxes in News source selection dialog more visible against background.
▪ Unit conversion selection from Quote panel’s context menu wasn’t working.
▪ Linked symbol wasn’t updating in Chart if “Records Back” filtering was applied.
▪ Chart auto-fitting did not work correctly in some cases.
▪ Fixed crash that could occur when Elliott Wave study was used with “Records Back” filtering.
▪ Loading chart templates that contain user-defined formulas was causing the application to crash.
▪ Fixed crash when attempting to show price symbol column for forward curves in History window.
▪ Entering a large number for “Days Back” parameter in News edit dialog would cause a crash.
▪ Opening Chat settings drop-down in main window could cause the application to crash.
▪ Fixed crash on startup that could happen due to a bug in some older versions of .NET Framework.