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Release Notes

MarketView Desktop 6.10

Major New Features


• Session filtering in Charts
    Allows You to define custom filtering periods for intraday data.

• Improved time scale in Charts
    Time scale now supports ruler-like display of significant time points.

• Auto-fit for Curves and Seasonals
    Chart will now auto adjust horizontal scaling to encompass all available data on load.

• Local Curves
    Locally defined Curves are now available in the Roots symbol tree.

• Improved Formula search
    Improved handling of public and private formulas with the same name.

• System Web Browser fallback
    Web news articles that fail to load in stand-alone window will now fall back to system default Web Browser.


▪ Fixed occasional issues with Quote panel failing to re-sort.
▪ Fixed crash that could occur in drag-drop if using stand alone windows.
▪ Fixed crash in UDF Wizard.
▪ Fixed issue with infinite spawn of Single Quote when “Send To…” it was performed from a maximized window.
▪ Fixed positioning and sizing issues with Single Quote window in a maximized Page.
▪ Certain studies weren’t using the same rounding precision as the one associated with underlying data.