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GlobalView Attacks Curve Management for Commodities


(Chicago, IL – July 20, 2016) GlobalView, a premier provider of enterprise-wide market data solutions for the commodity industries, proudly announces the inaugural release of MarketView® CurveBuilder, a groundbreaking new tool for developing, testing, scheduling, automating and visualizing user defined curves. 

With MarketView CurveBuilder, traders, analysts and risk managers can easily create and automate the generation of simple or complex curves without the aid of specialist users. Unlike other curve managers currently on the market, MarketView CurveBuilder is fully integrated into the desktop environment, providing all users with the ability to generate, share and distribute curves to C/ETRMs. 

“We spent a significant amount of time analyzing the current competitive landscape and conversing with key players in the industry, and we are confident that MarketView CurveBuilder is going to gain an exceptionally high acceptance rate with our user base,” says Chris Harrison, Chief Product Officer at GlobalView. “CurveBuilder provides users with many of the creature comforts they enjoy in Excel while eliminating the common pain points.”

Core features in MarketView CurveBuilder include:

  • Global access to over 300 data sources
  • Seamless integration with customer proprietary data
  • Straight-through processing
  • Built-in bootstrapping
  • Various interpolations
  • Custom roll rules
  • C/ETRM integration
  • Scheduling
  • Curve Revision History

MarketView is the only solution suite that provides a common data framework for the front, mid, and back-office, improving communication and providing a single “golden source” of data to ensure that calculated and actual risk are the same.  MarketView’s seamless integration with downstream risk and settlement systems also ensures that this benefit is passed on and reflected in a better verification of risk across an organization. These minimally invasive, SaaS-based solutions maintain a small footprint, are lightweight, and can be deployed in a matter of days not months.

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About GlobalView

GlobalView is an award-winning provider of desktop analytics, risk management, and data management solutions for the global commodity trade. Some of the largest energy and commodity companies in the world trust GlobalView to manage millions of data points, both public and customer proprietary, in support of risk management and trading decision support on an enterprise-wide basis. GlobalView offers the most comprehensive energy and commodity data sets in the world including real-time exchange, price reporting agencies, brokers, government reporting, emerging markets and specialty data. With offices in Chicago, Houston, Singapore, London, Calgary, and Sao Paulo, GlobalView provides around-the-clock expertise that guarantees a superior user experience. Learn more at