MarketView®Data Integration Tools

Seamless delivery of both market and proprietary data to your CTRM, ERP,
BI tools, confirmation, invoicing, or
other downstream systems.

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Seamless.   Efficient.   Transparent.

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Web Service

Access GlobalView data in XML, HTML, CSV, TSV, and JSON formats from custom applications using simple HTTP requests.



Flexible, LINQ-based .NET SDK supports both snapshot and streaming data.


Data Extract

Automated data delivery service that can run post close or on an intra-day basis and delivers the data to you in a structured file format via FTP.



Real-time proprietary data sharing with colleagues and customers via cloud-based MarketView Xchange that uses an easy-to-use Excel interface


Prop Data Hub

Connect directly to internal data silos and feed MarketView’s solutions all within the protection of the organization’s firewalls.



Seamlessly retrieve quote and historical data with Visual Basic for Automation (VBA) language.


Lynn Johnson
Senior Administrative Assistant, CITGO

“We switched from an industry-leading pricing service to MarketView because we found that it is better documented, less error-prone and more user-friendly. ”

Kent Horsager
President, CSC Arbitrage Group, LLC

“MarketView provides us with a set of tools that provide the fl­exibility and robustness to support our business activities and extend our capabilities through improved analysis and efficiency. ”

Jonathan Pardoe
Head of Fuel Management, Virgin Atlantic Airways

“With MarketView, we save many man hours and have more reliable and accurate data within our fuel system. This gives me more time to ponder the next move in the spot price for hedging. ”