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About Us

About Us

Our History

GlobalView is an industry leader in providing market data and data management solutions to energy and agricultural companies the world over. Founded in 1996, GlobalView has been an industry leader in energy and commodity data management solutions that fully integrate real-time and historical market data and proprietary data using the internet and enterprise network systems.

We focus exclusively on the energy and agricultural industries, and pride ourselves in understanding how our customers use and analyze commodity market information to operate their businesses. GlobalView takes the time to understand your unique needs, and we’ll work with you to determine which of our solutions will allow you and your business to meet its critical market data needs.

How Our Customers Use GlobalView Products and Services

  • Establish one comprehensive, central market information database supplying real-time and historical data to their computer network and other software applications.
  • Establish one powerful and consistent framework in which to efficiently present and analyze consolidated information from disparate sources.
  • Substantially reduce separate data, terminal, exchange, software and communication fees from multiple vendors and the associated overhead of supporting multiple vendor relationships.
  • Replace resource-hungry, closed applications with open, web-enabled, “thin” applications.
  • Provide information transfer into other enterprise applications (such as ETRM,CTRM, portfolio management, invoicing and other back-office systems) using a robust open-architecture server.
  • Create seamless, two-way information flow throughout their supply chain, including external constituencies.
  • Provide one-stop shopping for all information, software and consulting services, eliminating the need to interface with multiple vendors and track multiple contracts and invoices.

Superior GlobalView Support

When you choose GlobalView, you choose superior service and support unlike any other in the industry. It begins when we work with you to engineer solutions to optimize your front-, middle- and back-office functionality and demands. It continues as we help you configure your solution and train each user on its capabilities. And, ultimately, our service and support never ends. Our teams are always there to help you through each upgrade to our products, resolve any issues and provide ongoing customer assistance. What’s more, our support to you is free and never an add-on expense.

Our technical support team includes energy and agricultural industry experts who are highly trained to answer your questions and solve your problems quickly. Indeed, the comprehensive customer, product and data support at GlobalView has earned us an industry-wide reputation for being proactive, responsive and thorough.

No matter your location, there is a GlobalView technical support team close by. With offices in Chicago, Houston, Calgary, Sao Paulo, London and Singapore, GlobalView is advantageously positioned to provide an on-site presence in all major business centers worldwide. Our standard support is available around the clock, Monday through Friday. Extended support options are also available to meet specific customer requirements.