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MarketView®ExcelTools for Traders

Spreadsheets continue to be an integral tool on every trading desk. This is why MarketView ExcelTools provides all the power and flexibility of the desktop, giving users full access to both real-time and historical market data and the freedom analyze and build models upon this dynamic data. Moreover, seamless integration with MarketView Desktop means charts, tables and curves can be pulled directly from the desktop into spreadsheets, saving time and reducing the risk of manual error.

  • Watch the term structure of the market while trading or tracking your positions in real-time for commodities and energy such as crude oil, natural gas, or corn.
  • Embed deep historical commodity data your spreadsheets with automated data filling methods, units and currency conversion.
  • Automatically format historical commodity data in an Excel table into a chart.
  • Easily view a single option strike or a range of options for an underlying futures contract.
  • Share proprietary data in real-time with colleagues and customers via cloud-based MarketView Xchange that uses an easy-to-use Excel interface.

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