MarketView® Desktop™

MarketView Desktop provides intuitive access to a comprehensive collection of global energy and commodity market data. MarketView Desktop helps users visualize, track, and analyze real-time and historical market data as well as global news and proprietary data.

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MarketView® ExcelTools

Energize your spreadsheets with streaming real-time and historical market data using MarketView ExcelTools. Perform complex analysis, generate curves, and build models upon dynamically updating datasets.

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MarketView® Mobile

Track the commodity markets with our MarketView Mobile app for iPad, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. With access to real-time streaming commodity prices, quotes, charts, and news on your favorite mobile device users will never worry about missing market opportunities.

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MarketView® CurveBuilder™

With MarketView CurveBuilder, traders, analysts and risk managers can easily develop, test and automate the generation of simple or complex curves without the aid of a specialist. Choose from a vast data catalog of over 350 energy and commodity data sources or easily import your own proprietary data if desired.

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MarketView® Prop Data Hub

Enjoy the benefits of MarketView’s SaaS-based architecture to access, analyze, and distribute proprietary data from your own environment. The MarketView Prop Data Hub connects directly to internal data silos and feeds into MarketView’s solutions all within the protection of the organization’s firewalls.

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MarketView® Data Integration Solutions

With MarketView’s Data Integration Solutions, customers benefit from seamless data access. Obtaining internal and external data across an organization from a single source results in tremendous efficiency, consistency, and reduced risks.

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Our Approach


Streamlined Approach to Data Management

MarketView by Drillinginfo has redefined and simplified market data management by providing a single platform that bridges the front, mid, and back office, ensuring that traders, analysts, IT and risk managers speak the same language and base decisions upon the same information. This approach helps organizations simplify data access and management, reducing risks and costs. MarketView also provides greater control over data as an enterprise asset by ensuring seamless integration with Excel and business critical downstream systems.

Eliminates the pain and uncertainty of managing complex and shifting data needs with:

  • A simple and intuitive user experience
  • A single point of access for both market and proprietary data
  • Seamless integration with downstream systems
  • Responsive global support and services
  • Easy implementation process

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MarketView by Drillinginfo has established a broad and diverse set of partner relationships with the companies below that are helpful to providing our clients with leading-edge technology and extendable solutions.

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