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MarketView® ExcelTools for Risk Management

MarketView ExcelTools efficiently automates the delivery of both real-time and historical market data into Excel spreadsheets.  ExcelTools dramatically decreases the potential for complex calculation errors such as Value at Risk (VAR) that require time-consuming manual inputs for entries and formulas. Excel remains a powerful, flexible and simple tool and MarketView ExcelTools enhances its value while minimizing the risk that comes with using it.

  • Input and analyze data in Excel by linking to real-time data feeds, historical and fundamental data repositories, proprietary data servers, and other upstream and downstream applications to ensure you have access to all data sources at any given time.
  • Access real-time publication data tick-by-tick.
  • Embed deep historical market information into your spreadsheets with automated data filling methods, units and currency conversion, as well as historical chart creation.
  • Plot a forward curve to view the full extension of forward months for an underlying futures contract.
  • Easily view a single option strike or a range of options for an underlying futures contract.