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Secure Proprietary Data Management for IT Managers

  • Keep a secure firewall between your proprietary data and traditional data sourced via the MarketView Cloud.
  • MarketView by Drillinginfo employees have no access to your proprietary data or information associated with that data.
  • Store, manage and distribute highly sensitive proprietary data from your own environment.
  • Leverage in parallel the benefits of MarketView’s SaaS-based architecture for commodity market information.
  • Easily bulk load your proprietary data into the MarketView Proprietary Data Hub via a robust Web Service API.
  • Create your own symbol names and underlying metadata associated with those symbols for things like expirations, currency, and unit of measure.
  • Leverage the web service API to create groups. One group can have many users and one user can belong to many groups.
  • Manage your proprietary data permissioning on a per-user and per-exchange basis without the assistance of the MarketView Support Team.
  • Uniquely permission user rights for publishing, viewing and editing of your proprietary data.