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Release Notes

MarketView Desktop 6.12

Major New Features


• Support for displaying proprietary Forward Curves from GCB.
    Forward Curves defined by the customer in Genic Curve Builder™ can now be displayed in MarketView™ Desktop.

• Added new Table view for complex Forward Curves.
    Table view can display Forward Curves with overlapping Tenors, as well as extended metadata.

• Field value change-direction coloring.
    Heat-mapping functionality can now be turned on for all price and volume fields.

Fixes and Improvements

▪ Fixed crash when attempting to save default column set in History if it contains Weight field.
▪ Fixed issue where minus sign was missing for vulgar fraction values between -1 and 0.
▪ Fixed problem where Symbol column sorting couldn’t be toggled off in Quote panel.
▪ Improved stability and fixed a few usability issues in Seasonal Spread.
▪ Improved behavior of sorting in Quote panel in some edge cases.
▪ Fixed missing loading state indicator in Spread and Strip panels.
▪ Spread and Strip panels now offer only root symbols in search and symbol tree.
▪ Fixed various edge cases when opening or restoring Single Quote window.
▪ Stability improvements when working with stand-alone windows.
▪ Fixed auto-arrange behavior for MDI windows.
▪ Various minor visual fixes throughout the application.