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Recent Data Additions

December 2017


  • Guide to EU Duties
    • Outlines key changes in Europe’s fertilizer imports and associated duties.
    • Region: Europe
    • Frequency: Annual


  • Weather Data
    • 1-15 day and 16-90 day forecasts, averages, heating and cooling degree days, normal temperatures, etc.
    • Region: US
    • Frequency: Daily


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November 2017


  • Rig Counts
    • This data covers US rigs and is broken down by basin, drilling type (vertical, horizontal, etc.), product type, state, and operator.
    • Region: US
    • Frequency: Daily

CME Group

  • MarketView Calendar Month Average Data
    • This addition includes two symbols for NYMEX WTI Crude that are calculated by MarketView:
      • Basic CMA – the average of settle prices during the delivery month of physical crude
      • CMA Roll Adjust – adjustment of the basic CMA to reflect trades executed for delivery in a contract month into following contract months. For a detailed explanation of how the roll adjust works, visit this link.
    • Region: US
    • Frequency: Daily


  • Imports of Crude Oil and Total Products by PAD District
    • Import and export data for gasoline, fuel oil, kerosene, and other products.
    • Region: US
    • Frequency: Weekly



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October 2017

Energy Intelligence

  • World Energy Opinions RSS News
    • The stories are based on current events that affect the energy industry.
    • Region: Global
    • Frequency: Event-driven stories – Varies


  • Oil Market Intelligence
    • Crude oil and product prices, global supply and demand, inventories, and refining data.
    • Region: Global
    • Frequency: Monthly, Weekly


  • TSO Power Data
    • The intraday data includes prices, flow, and transfer capacity.
    • Region: Europe
    • Frequency: Hourly


  • Calendar Day Averages for Rack Data
    • Region: US
    • Frequency: Daily


  • 2nd Low for Rack Data
    • Region: Daily
    • Frequency: US

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September 2017


  • MarketView Real-Time Swaps – ICE Europe, NYMEX, and DME
    • The swaps are based off the fair value calculations (FV has been available in MarketView since late 2016).
    • Region: Global
    • Frequency: Real-Time


  • Romanian Power
    • The data includes base, peak, and off-peak reference prices. Month, quarter, and year contracts are available.
    • Region: Europe
    • Frequency: Daily


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August 2017


  • Physical and Futures Market
    • Base and peak instruments with monthly, quarterly, and yearly contracts.
    • Region: Europe
    • Frequency: Daily


  • LPG Annual Report
  • This is an in-depth 10-year forward look on international LPG supply, demand, production, and consumption.
    • Region: Global
    • Frequency: Daily

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June 2017


  • Chlor-Alkali and Derivatives Report
    • The report contains global, regional, and national caustic soda, chlorine, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and ethylene dichloride (EDC) markets.
    • The weekly update includes price assessments for select imports and exports.
    • Region: Global
    • Frequency: Monthly
  • Chlor-Alkali and Derivatives Data
    • Contains global caustic soda import
    • Region: Global
    • Frequency: Weekly


  • UCAP Auction Summary Data
    • Includes spot, monthly, and seasonal strip auction data.
    • Region: US
    • Frequency: Monthly, Seasonal


  • Geographical Wind Production
    • This is an addition to the wind production data we already had available. It includes geographical regional data – panhandle, coastal, south, west, and north.
    • Region: US
    • Frequency: Hourly, 5 minute

Statistics Canada

  • Consumer Price Index (CPI) Data
  • Region: Canada
  • Frequency: Monthly


  • Mexican Power data
  • CENACE’s market covers 3 regions including Mexico, Baja Sur and Baja California.
  • Region: Mexico
  • Frequency: Hourly


  • Various data related to oil and products including imports, exports, supply/demand, and refinery operation and production.
  • Region: Japan
  • Frequency: Monthly, Weekly

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April 2017

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

  • Hydropower Generation
    • The data covers eight different dams/powerhouses located in southeast US.
    • Region: US
    • Frequency: Hourly

MarketView Real-Time Fair Value – ICE Europe and NYMEX

  • MarketView Real-time Fair Value Curves use a combination of indicative prices, intra-month spread futures trades and settles to value each contract of a curve.
  • These curves are available for the major benchmarks on the ICE Europe and NYMEX exchanges.
  • Region: US, Europe
  • Frequency: Real-Time

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MARCH 2017


  • Mexico Fuels Market Report
    • This report provides delivered prices for gasoline, diesel, blendstocks and LPG, along with news and analysis.
    • Region: Mexico
    • Frequency: Daily
  • Specialty Fertilizers Briefing Report
    • Provides an overview and draw conclusions about current trends in the fertilizer industry.
    • Region: Global
    • Frequency: Annual
  • World NPK Outlook
    • This report examines the production and supply of NPK by producer, country, and region and provides an analysis of the market drivers for NPK demand growth, an overview of international trade, and price forecasts through 2031.
    • Region: Global
    • Frequency: Annual

California ISO

  • CAISO releases a report for each trading day providing relevant data on the Pmin and cleared value of units committed by MOC constraints.
  • Region: U.S.
  • Frequency: Daily


  • These reports include market overview and highlights, data, and analysis.
  • Coverage includes products such as aromatics, fuel oil, iron ore, and bunker oil.
  • Region: Asia
  • Frequency: Weekly, Monthly


  • Serves as a market platform and strives to maintain liquid and transparent trading conditions in Spain and Portugal.
  • Data includes imbalance rates, regulated gas prices, daily reference and auction prices.
  • Region: Spain
  • Frequency: Daily

Nodal Exchange

  • Nodal Exchange offers futures contracts for on-peak and off-peak power at significant hubs, zones, and nodes in ISO-NE, NYISO, PJM, MISO, ERCOT, SPP and CAISO, and Mid-C.
  • Contracts are for monthly terms for both peak and off-peak time periods.
  • Region: North America
  • Frequency: Daily


  • Preliminary Load Data
    • Approximated hourly loads are calculated for each PJM region prior to transaction information confirmation.
    • Region: U.S.
    • Frequency: Hourly
  • PJM Estimated Load Data
    • Approximated hourly loads are calculated for each PJM region once all transaction information has been confirmed.
    • Region: U.S.
    • Frequency: Hourly


  • Out of Product and Not in Average Rack Prices
  • OPIS Carbon – CER, EUA, carbon offset, and regional greenhouse data.
  • Frequency: Daily

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  • Agrimoney publishes the latest news related to agriculture commodities such as cotton, coffee, cocoa, sugar, livestock, fertilizers, etc.
  • Frequency: Daily

Arabian Oil and Gas

  • is a destination for Middle East energy professionals and provides industry-leading energy publications.
  • The site includes the very latest news and analysis from a team of expert journalists.
  • Frequency: Daily

Ethanol Brazil Report (Portuguese)

  • Price coverage and market analysis of the Brazilian ethanol market, including ethanol anhydrous and hydrous ethanol. 
  • Frequency: Daily

NYMEX Block Trade News

  • Block trades are now available in a news format.
  • This has been added to all user IDs with access to NYM data.
  • Frequency: Real-Time

EIA Total Energy

  • Consumption, generation, cost, imports, emissions, etc. for several energy sources.
  • Frequency: Monthly, Annual

Global Indices

  • ASX All Ordinaries – comprised of the 500 largest companies listed on ASX.
  • Taiwan TSEC 50 Index – comprised of 50 of the most highly capitalized blue-chip stocks and represents close to 70 percent of the Taiwanese market.
  • Frequency: Daily

Huaxicun Commodity Contracts Exchange

  • Japanese trade statistics for products such as toluene, xylene, and glycol.
  • Frequency: Daily

Oil Review Middle East

  • Covers oil industry news for the Middle East and Asia,  including exploration and production.
  • Frequency: Daily

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  • Petroleum Coke Outlook
    • The outlook provides an analytical view of future global petroleum coke markets. It includes a detailed forecast on supply and demand of petroleum coke in key markets such as the US, Europe, India, and China.
    • Frequency: Monthly
  • Cobalt Annual Report
    • Provides a global analysis of cobalt supply, demand, prices, production, and reserves.
    • Frequency: Annual

CME Cash Settled Commodity Indices

  • There are three new symbols available – Feeder Cattle, Lean Hog, and Pork Cutout Indices. We already carried Feeder Cattle and Lean Hog via CRB, and we’ve improved the quality of the data by switching to CME as our source. Pork Cutout is a data point that we were not receiving from CRB.
  • Frequency: Daily

Consensus Bullish Sentiment Index

  • Index values provide indication of potential market directions.
  • Based on the theory that when a predominant number of market analysts are bullish, it is likely that the market is approaching an overbought condition. 
  • Frequency: Weekly


  • RIN Generation and Renewable Fuel Volume Production
    • Total production of renewable fuels (in gallons) and quantity of RINs generated under the RFS2 program in each month by fuel category/D-code.
    • Frequency: Monthly

ICE Futures Singapore Real Time Futures

  • Includes futures data for crude, LS gasoil, gold, and mini Renminbi.
  • Frequency: Real-time/10-minute delayed

Railroad Performance Data

  • The data includes information on train speed, terminal dwell, and cars on line for six major railroads – BNSF, CN, CSX, Norfolk Southern, Union Pacific, and Kansas City Southern Railway.
  • Frequency: Weekly

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Australian Bureau of Statistics

  • Consumer Price Index Data
    • The ABS is Australia’s national statistical agency providing economic, social, population, and environmental data.
    • Frequency: Quarterly


  • FMB World Phosphate Rock Outlook Report
    • This outlook examines the causes and effects of changes in the phosphate industry in relation to the phosphate rock market. It assesses the key issues that will have an impact on rock supply, demand, trade and pricing during the coming years.
    • Frequency: Annual

Bank of Ghana

  • Foreign Exchange Rates
    • The central bank of Ghana
    • Frequency: Daily

California Energy Commission

  • Crude Oil Imports by Rail Car
    • provides data on imports by rail cars reported in barrels. The data is broken down by state, and also provides a total for the month.
    • Frequency: Monthly

CME Group and ICE

  • Early Spread Settlements
    • A set of symbols that will provide the settles at an earlier time for the benchmark products on NYMEX and ICE: 
      • NYMEX: CL, NG, HO, RB
      • ICE Europe: BRN, GAS
    • Frequency: Daily (typically updates around 2:30 pm Central Time)
  • ICE Europe and NYMEX Fair Value Settlements
    • Each of the curves are published shortly after the local time (typically within 10 minutes of the listed time). 
    • Frequency: Daily

The Ethanol Monitor

  • Data and News (Daily/Weekly)
    • Data includes spot pricing for various location, profit/loss by state, analytics (average and change from previous day), and demand.
    • News includes daily overview and more in depth weekly reports about ethanol and related topics. 
    • Frequency: Daily


  • OPIS Biodiesel Terminal Data
    • Frequency: Daily


  • TOCOM Delayed Data
    • Delayed TOCOM data
    • Frequency: Delayed (5-minute)


  • County Level Data
    • Country level data now available. This applies to crop data such as corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, cotton, rice, etc.
    • Frequency: Annual

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JULY 2016

Kase & Co.

  • Weekly Commentary and Intraweek Updates (Weekly, Intraweek: Mon-Thurs)
    • Kase supplies separate reports for crude oil and natural gas. Each has a weekly commentary and intraweek updates.

Met Norway

  • Forecast and Actual Weather Data (Intraday – 4 times daily)
    • Includes cloudiness, dew point, fog, humidity, pressure, temperature and wind.

Nebraska State Government

  • U.S. International Trade Data (Daily)
    • Data on various topics including energy, economic trends, demographics, and more.

Norges Bank

  •  Norwegian Central Bank FX Rates (Daily)
    • Includes cloudiness, dew point, fog, humidity, pressure, temperature and wind.


  • PJM Constraints News (Every 5 minutes)
    • This is available in news format, including fixed news. It provides the shadow prices at the various facilities


  • The Riksbank (Daily)
    • FX Rates

RIM Intelligence

  • Power Report – Japanese (Daily)
    • Daily analysis and summary of the Japanese power market and related factors, such as weather.

US Census Bureau

  • U.S. International Trade Data (Daily)
    • Import and export data by state.

US Energy Information Administration

  • EIA Speed News (Weekly)
    • These stories are created half of a second after EIA releases their data. The stories provide an update of the specific data points, and also points you to our elementized data symbol.

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JUNE 2016


  • FMB Potassium Sulphate (SOP) Briefing (Annual)
    • This report analyzes the current situation of international commerce of SOP fertilizer.
  • FMB World Ammonia Outlook (Annual)
    • This outlook analyzes the short, medium, and long-term changes facing the ammonia market.
  • World Tungsten Outlook (Annual)
    • This outlook provides insight into the tungsten market over the next 10 years.


  • CBOE Crude Oil VIX and CBOE Gold VIX (End of Day)
    • Measures the market’s expectation of 30-day volatility of crude oil prices/gold prices

Swiss Exchange

  • Six (Daily)
    • Swiss market index, bond index, leader index, performance index, and real estate index

USDA Agricultural Marketing Services

  • USDA AMS Grain Transportation (Weekly, Monthly)
    • Includes cost indicators, rail deliveries, barge freight, inspections, vessel activity and rates

USDA Agriculture Economic Research Service

  • USDA ERS Bioenergy Statistics (Monthly, Annual)
    • Source of information on biofuels intended to show the relationship between the renewable energy industry and agriculture

World Bank Group

  • Commodity Markets – The Pink Sheet (Monthly)
    • Includes beverages, oils and meals, grains, various fruits and meats, along with some energy data including coal, crude, and natural gas


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APRIL 2016


  • FMB NPK Report (Weekly)
    • Provides up-to-date information about the international trade of NPKs along with news on major export and imports hubs
  • LPG Outlook (Annual)
    • An outlook to 2017 for the global LPG market
    • Major components of the report are production, imports, exports, and consumption on a regional basis
    • Various products, such as propane, butane, and naphtha, have forecasted prices
  • Metal Prices Weekly Heavy Melt Report (Weekly)
    • The Heavy Melt report provides news and analysis of the global metal industry


  • Database maintained by the Research division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (Monthly/Annual)
    • Provides economic time series from more than 80 sources
    • Additions include world bank data, specifically GDP and youth unemployment rates by country, along with economic indicators through consumer and business surveys


  • Forecasted peak, forecasted transfer limits, projected tie flow (Daily)
    • Summaries of the previous day’s load and dispatch rates are also provided


  • TFS (Daily)
    • Includes forward curve data (monthly and quarterly contracts) for biodiesel, gasoil, and bean oil


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MARCH 2016

Argus FMB

  • Fertilizer in Sub-Saharan Africa Strategy Report (Annual)
    • Includes information about sub-Saharan Africa’s resources along with an analysis of this region and its potential to meet future agricultural needs.

Danaher Oil

  • Hawkeye Cash Market Watch (Daily)
    • Pricing report provides a snapshot of the current marketplace listing bids and offers for products such as unleaded gas, low sulfur diesel, jet fuel, and kerosene.

EOX Live

  • Gas Fixed Prices (Daily)
    • Prices for various locations, including all of the major natural gas hubs and relevant trading locations.
    • Contracts include month, summer/winter, and annual.

Hacienda Brokerage

  • Forward Curve Data (Daily)
    • For butane, ethane, propane, and natural gas.
    • Contracts include month, quarter, and calendar year.


  • Biodiesel Midday Data (Daily)
    • Daily forecasted generation outages data for the PJM RTO with subtotals for the PJM Western Region.


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  • Real-Time System Conditions (5-minute)
    • Includes frequency, demand, capacity, DC tie flows, and wind output.

The Ethanol Monitor

  • Data and News (Daily/Weekly)
    • Data includes spot pricing for various location, profit/loss by state, analytics (average and change from previous day), and demand.
    • News includes daily overview and more in depth weekly reports about ethanol and related topics.

New Leaf Data Services

  • New Leaf Cannabis Benchmarks (Weekly)
    • First price reporting agency for the US marijuana market.
    • Data includes forwards and spot prices by state.
    • News report includes weekly updates in the cannabis market.

Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE)

  • Shanghai Indices (End of Day)
    • SSE Composite, A Share, B Share, Industrial Index, Commercial Index, Real Estate Index, Utilities, and Conglomerates Index.


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Bank of Canada

  • Treasury Bill and Treasury Bill Auction Yields (Daily/Bi-Weekly)

Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)

  • CFTC Commitments of Traders – ICE Europe (Weekly)

ISO New England

  • New England Dispatch Fuel Mix (Hourly)

Marex Spectron

  • Flat rate estimates by route for clean and dirty tankers (Daily)


  • Reconciliation Billing Determinants (Hourly/Daily)


  • Canadian Crude Settlement Data (Daily)


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