Enjoy the benefits of MarketView’s SaaS-based architecture to access, analyze, and distribute proprietary data from your own environment. The MarketView Prop Data Hub connects directly to internal data silos and feeds into MarketView’s solutions all within the protection of the organization’s firewalls.  This enables organizations to view market data alongside internal client marks and forward pricing.

Data assets lose their value when trapped in disparate data silos. MarketView’s Prop Data Hub connects to these silos allowing the data to be viewed in MarketView’s solutions or integrated with BI tools, trade, and risk systems or any other downstream application. This provides organizations with all the benefits of an enterprise solution with low IT overhead, better service, and reduced costs of MarketView’s SaaS-based architecture for exchange, price reporting agency, broker, and public commodity market information.


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  • Manage your proprietary data on your own terms behind your corporate firewall or via cloud-based solutions such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.
  • The MarketView Proprietary Data Hub keeps a secure firewall between your proprietary data and traditional data sourced via the MarketView Cloud. MarketView by Drillinginfo employees have no access to your proprietary data or information associated with that data.
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Blend Proprietary and Exchange Data

  • Leverage user-defined formulas to perform computational analysis on both proprietary data and traditional commodity market data being sourced via the MarketView Cloud all in real-time.
  • Consume proprietary data across your enterprise-wide network inside MarketView front-, mid- and back-office products and services.
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Icon 3 - page Upload Data, Create Symbols, and Edit Metadata

Upload Data, Create Symbols, and Edit Metadata

  • Easily bulk load your proprietary data into the MarketView Proprietary Data Hub via a robust Web Service API.
  • Create your own unique symbol names and the underlying metadata associated with those symbols for things like expirations, currency, and unit of measure.
  • Leverage the API to create and edit your proprietary data symbol tree and create additional folders and sub-folders as needed.
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Icon 4 - page Manage User Permissions

Manage User Permissions

  • Leverage the web service API to create groups. One group can have many users and one user can belong to many groups.
  • Manage your proprietary data permissioning on a per-user and per-exchange basis without the assistance of the MarketView Support Team.
  • Uniquely permission user rights for publishing, viewing, and editing of your proprietary data.